Arizona Workshop Schedule
Dress: Business Casual

11:00AM TEMPLE SESSION, Mesa Temple

Lunch (Temple Cafeteria)
2:30 The church bldg (1249 S 48th Street, Mesa) will be open if anyone wants to change clothes and carpool to Usuary Park



FRIDAY, Feb 9th

8:00am Registration Begins and Socializing (water bottles and snacks available)
9am Welcome -Opening Remarks by member of the Kimball East Stake Presidency
Keynote Speaker: Justin and Jen Eller: Prepare for the Hard, But Plan for Happiness!

10:40am Workshops:

  • Gary & Holly Banford: Launching in to Your New Life
  • Brent Ellsworth: Legal Issues Urgent/Not So Urgent after Death of Spouse
  • Michael Carter: Trusting in the Savior Makes Us Mighty in Hope, Faith and Charity

11:45am Workshops

  • George D. Hickman: Avoiding Identity Theft and Staying Safe Online
  • Patti Salopek Angus: Finding Peace – Be Still and Know that I am God
  • Brad Perkinson: How Do We Overcome Life’s Challenges

12:50pm LUNCH & “Getting to Know You Game”  Video and Visiting
2:30pm Workshops

  • Justin and Jen Eller: Blending Families with Lots of Prayer
  • Diana Thurber: Finding Strength through Christ & Choosing Faith and Hope
  • Grant Gunnell: Your Life’s Story
  • Francelle Mortimer: Applying Doctrines of the Spirit World to Heal the Grieving"   

4:00pm Keynote Speaker: Trent Allen: Finding JOY and HOPE in the Journey
5:15pm Dinner Break and socializing (Photo Prop available both days)

Saturday, February 10th
8:00am Registration Begins and Socializing (water bottles and snacks available)
9:00am  Welcome-
Keynote Speaker:  Lexine and Toby Severtson: Pressing Forward With Faith and His Timing!
10:40am Workshops       

  • Marie Ricks: (Death of a Spouse)
  • Jen Eller & Lisa Ashby: (Discussion) “Healing after suicide; A Complicated Journey of Grief”
  • Brent Ellsworth: Legal Issues Urgent/Not So Urgent after Death of Spouse
  • Francelle Mortimer:  "Building Your Family Together; On Both Sides Now"

11:45am Workshops

  • Marie Ricks: (How to Help Children Cope with Loss)
  • Trent Allen: Unlocking the Scriptures for a Deeper Understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
  • Michelle Lockhart: The Big Four: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and Sleep

12:50pm LUNCH
1:30 Panel Discussion:  Justin and Jen Eller, Brent Cuevas, Kristine Russell, Gary and Holly Banford
2:40pm Workshops

  • Richard Crum: How to find Joy through Trials
  • Stan Lockhart: Back to the Future: A NEW YOU
  • Kristine Russell and Brent Cuevas:  Open Discussion on parenting ideas for Widow(er)s with children still at home.

4:10pm Keynote Speaker: Marie Gallacher: Becoming Acquainted with God, His Way
Closing Remarks by Stake Presidency Member
5:45pm Dinner Break and socializing (Photo Props available during the day)

**Those from out of town may attend the Brimhall Ward in the same building as the conference on Sunday morning at 8:30am