13th Annual Latter-day Saint Widows & Widowers Conference
Presenters Classes and Descriptions

Keynote Speakers

S. Michael Wilcox

Bio: S. Michael Wilcox received his PhD from the University of Colorado and taught for many years at the Institute of religion adjacent to the University of Utah. He’s spoken to packed crowds at BYU education week, hosted tours to the holy land, to China and to churches, history sites and beyond. He has also served in a variety of callings including Bishop and a counselor in a stake presidency. He has written many articles and books. He and his late wife Laurie are the parents of five children and 14 grandchildren.

Keynote Address: Walk with Me
Friday 9:30 AM
Presentation Time, Title and Description
Friday 11:00 – 11:50

“The Needs of Jesus”
“Most of us think of the Savior as spending His life caring for and being attentive to others’ needs and we are correct in this understanding, but did He have needs Himself and if so, what can we learn about what is really critical in life from exploring them?”  

Gail Miller

Bio: Gail Miller is the owner of the Larry H. Miller Company, established by Larry & Gail in May of 1979 with the purchase of their first Automobile Dealership in Murray, Utah. Today, the company has a diversified portfolio of companies doing business across the United States. Their headquarters are in Sandy, Utah. Gail was a homemaker raising five children while Larry established and grew the company for 30 years until his death in 2009. At that time, she took an active role in the business and continued to grow their legacy. She has focused on and directed the culture of the company as well as the growth and diversity of its operations. Since Larry’s passing, the company has more than doubled in size and value. She served as the Chair of the LHM Board of Director for five years before turning over that position to her son, Steve. She remains an active member of the board.

Gail is also the Chair of the Larry H. Miller Family Foundation and presides over the Larry H.Miller Education Foundation. Gail has been recognized with many public and private honors. She is the recipient of five Honorary Doctorate Degrees, the Congressional Award Foundation’s Horizon Award, Salt Lake Chamber’s Giant in Our City Award and the internationally recognized ATHENA Award.

Gail gives freely of her time and is actively involved in many business, civic and educational endeavors. She is the Chair of Intermountain Healthcare’s Board of Trustees and serves on the Zions Bank Advisory Board. She is the co-chair of the Utah Homeless Council, a member of the Board of Shelter the Homeless, co-chair of the Kem C. Gardner Institute and author of Courage to be You, Inspiring Lessons from an Unexpected Journey.

Gail and her husband, Kim Wilson, have a combined family of 9 children, and a large posterity. They enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and serving others. They reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Keynote Presentation Title: Walk With Me
Saturday, 9:30

                        Workshop Presenter Bios, Classes and Descriptions

Kent Allen
Bio: Kent Allen is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the Ogden, Utah area.  He has been married to his wife Susan for 45 years.  They have 3 wonderful children and 9 grandchildren whom they love and adore. Kent has served in numerous callings in the church and for 19 years has served as a mental health advisor to the Missionary Department.  For the last 14 years he has been the director over the early release missionaries in the US and Canada.  He has been in private practice for 31 years and has seen thousands of individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. He has been involved in helping individuals through the grieving process for over 31 years. 

Brief history of Kent’s involvement with Latter-day Saint Widows & Widowers:
In 2006 six young widows met for the first time and became friends. One was a patient of Kent’s. When he heard she and her five widowed friends were going to meet monthly, he offered to hold group sessions for the six widows and other interested young widows he was helping in his practice. These sessions offered tools to navigate the grieving process for them and their children. Within a couple of years, many of the young widows remarried, but a few did not. The group kept going and growing. In 2008 widowers expressed an interest in the group and its boundaries expanded from Weber and Davis Counties into Box Elder, Salt Lake and Utah counties. 

When plans for a conference for widows and widowers began in 2009, Conference Co-chair, Kimberly Kemp, knew first hand how empowering Kent’s foundational grieving tools were to so many and invited him to present sessions covering the Grieving Process, Kids and Grief, and Red Flags of Dating and more. Kent has been presenting on a volunteer basis at the Latter-day Saint Widows & Widowers conferences since the first in March of 2010. Kent has traveled to present at several Regional WW Conferences in the Western United States, helping literally thousands of widows, widowers and their children navigate the grieving process and all that entails. We are eternally grateful for his love and commitment to Latter-day Saint Widows & Widowers Conferences. 

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday, 11:00- Grieving 101
Friday 12:00- Helping Kids Become Who They Were Meant to Be
Friday 2:30- Receiving Answers to Prayer
Friday 3:30- Complicated Grief

Byron Bair

Bio:  Brother Bair is a professor of Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine and is the Director of the Rural Health Resource Center  for the VA Office  of Rural Health in Washington DC.  He is a father of six and grandfather of 22. His wife of 29.99 years passed away from cancer in 2008.  He currently serves as the Elders Quorum President in Centerville  UT.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday 11:00 and 12:00
Relationships 101 for Widows & Widowers: Symbols and Patterns From the Scriptures
Patterns and symbols from the scriptures that can help widows and widowers navigate various relationships as new single adults.



Joleene Watabe

Bio: Joleene Tower Watabe was born and raised in San Diego, CA where she developed a love of the ocean, an appreciation of the importance of family and a lifelong craving for good weather.  She attended UCSD for a year before transferring to BYU where she met and married Tim. They went on a twenty-six year adventure together that led to four amazing children, graduate degrees for both of them, and making their home in various places such as Japan, California, Utah and Ohio, before Tim died in an accident in October of 2017. Joleene moved to Utah in 2020 (yes during the middle of the pandemic) to be close to her oldest children while they finish college. She has worked as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor for over 10 years. She enjoys reading, writing, and sharing her passion for developing good mental health habits. She is continuing to rebuild her life and find a new path forward by spending more time with her family, helping others through their grief and mental health issues, exploring the outdoors, and going to the beach whenever possible. Now that her kids are graduated, she is looking for her next home in a place where she no longer has to endure cold winter months.

Presentation Title, Time, and Description:
Friday 11:00 and 12:00
Strengthening Connections: Understanding our need for attachment
Have you ever wondered why the loss of a spouse is one of the most disturbing experiences in this life? Have you felt like a completely different person since the loss? Has this loss affected all of your relationships and other interactions? Asking these questions is very common and the answers to these questions are pretty obvious for anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse. To some degree or another we are aware that our whole world was turned upside down in a moment. When you lost your spouse, your primary adult attachment was upset. Come find out why this is significant not just on an emotional level but also has physiological and survival implications. In this workshop we will start to identify your attachment style and find ways to strengthen other connections now that your “secure base” has disappeared.

C. Ryan Dunn

Bio: Growing up, Ryan had nearly 20 “siblings” from different backgrounds who lived with his family during segments of his childhood. He spent time in both the US and Brazil while growing up.  He believes that variety adds spice to life.  As one of his most impressive feats, he talked a rival high school cheerleader into marrying him, they have 6 darling kiddos (ranging from pre-K to college), and he draws all the special occasion cards he gives to others.

Ryan is a presenter, an educator, a mentor, and a researcher in family relations and human development.  He has also been a speaker for EFY and Education Week for years.  Following a BS in biological and exercise sciences and psychology at USU, Ryan pursued a career in family financial planning yet found the real-life gains and losses experienced by the families more interesting than the ups and downs of the financial markets. So, he went back to Utah State University for a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Human Development where he studied widowhood, healthy relationships, parenting, and family finance. He trains, speaks, and teaches all over North America and currently teaches family studies courses at Weber State University.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday 11:00 and 12:00
Cry with me (for all the right reasons) - Self-advocacy for bereaved individuals

Jody VanDrimmelen, LCSW

Jody is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with a private practice in Arlington Texas. As an interactive, cognitive-behavioral therapist, her treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients address current life challenges as well as long-standing issues.
Her life experience of raising 5 children, being married 32 years and now a widow for the past 14 years, blended with her education and training give her a real world, practical approach to the counseling process.
Her love language is cooking for others and she loves to create an opportunity for others to eat together, gather together, or travel together!

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday, 11:00 and 12:00
Where is my plan of Happiness?
Life often does not follow the "prescribed path" to happiness and it can be hard to find that path in the midst of trials. This workshop will help you find your path as a single adult in the church.   

Friday, 2:30
Men are Like Waffles/ Women are Like Spaghetti
Have you ever been frustrated with communication in the dating world? Are Men really from Mars and Women From Venus? Does the thought of figuring all this out make you want to quit before you even begin? Well, this workshop can help as we walk you through the differences between women and men and how you can navigate those differences to your advantage as you travel the road of dating, or just communicating with the opposite gender.

Friday, 3:30
Lessons Learned on Parley Street
You are at a crossroads of life, standing in a place you never envisioned. One of your biggest challenges is the  "Now What?" question. Our Nauvoo sisters showed us the way forward. This workshop will help you to "turn your face to the west" and move forward with courage.  






Susan Eames

Susan has two talented, amazing children and 4 beautiful grandchildren who are the love of her life. She spent 21 years in the business world in training and development. After the loss of her husband she developed a passion for humanitarian work and helping people learn to heal. This led to a second career as a Hospice and Hospital Chaplain where she finds peace and solace in service. Susan believes that most of life's problems can be solved with a good book and a hot bath. She is always eager to travel.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday, 12:00 and Saturday, 12:00 (For the Newly Widowed)

Bounce Back Brilliantly- Developing skills needed to thrive
People who thrive do not experience less distress, grief, or anxiety than other people do. They simply use healthy coping skills to handle such difficulties in ways that foster strength and growth, often emerging stronger than they were before. Instead of falling into despair or hiding from issues, with unhealthy coping strategies, these skills help people face life's difficulties head-on. The ability to thrive involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that anyone can learn and develop.  Let’s spend some time together exploring 5 skills for thriving.

Braden Hoth 

Bio: Braden is a native of Logan, Utah (Go Aggies!) where he currently lives.  He and his late wife, Karen, met sometime during their preteen or teen years (neither of them could ever recall exactly when, if you doubt just ask her).  In April 2016 after 14+ years of marriage Karen passed away from colon cancer after a hard 2 year fight.  Currently, Braden works in information technology in the healthcare industry.  His interests and hobbies include biking, reading, hiking, having tickle fights, playing rock-paper-scissors, watching Disney movies, playing the piano, and over extending himself in many ways, not to mention raising two energetic and tender hearted kids (boy 9 and girl 8),  Over the last decade or so he has developed a love of people and a renewed love of the Gospel.  In that time he has had many highs and lows including the joy and miracle of parenthood after battling infertility for 10 years, returning to activity in the church, losing 95 pounds, beginning to play the piano, having a partial knee replacement surgery which required giving up church basketball, battling various forms of tendinitis, losing his wife while continuing to raise their kids, fighting through anxiety and depression, and of course enjoying the mixed blessings of dating as a single parent.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday 2:30 and 3:30
Living Life in and after Grief/Loss: The Challenges that Have Helped Me Grow

Description - often we only see the results of struggle and not the struggle itself with the terribly depressing lows.  It can be hard to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel or see it, let alone have the strength or motivation to move forward through the darkness.  We so often hear that it is through challenges that we grow and that growth hurts or is uncomfortable.  I am here to share my ongoing struggle to find peace.


Esther Reid

Bio: Esther Reid lost her husband after a short yet intense battle with melanoma nine years ago when her children were 8 years, 2 years, and 5 months of age. She has a degree in Family Science with an emphasis in Human Development and a minor in Music. She has served on her school district’s Kindness Committee for several years and has helped in elementary and secondary schools to work with students on developing projects that promote prosocial behavior and healthy, positive environments for all children. She loves spending time with her children playing instruments, singing, hiking, paddle boarding, reading, and learning together.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday 2:30 
Parenting Through Grief: How to Help Children Work Through Difficult Emotions and Develop Resilience

How do you help kids through grief, anxiety, and trauma after losing a parent while coping with widowed life yourself? A parenting discussion where Esther will share what she wishes she had known when she lost her husband nine years ago—including practical methods and resources to guide children in the day-to-day moments when they need help to understand what they are feeling and how to deal with it. Discuss how, for each child, to plan emotional outlets, create strategies for building resilience, and find healthy ways to connect with others. Also, evaluate and discuss ways to strengthen your own resilience so you can best help your children. 




Nicolle Bangerter

Bio:Nicolle is a yoga and meditation teacher who's been sharing these healing practices for over 20 years. She is certified in other modalities including: Kinergetics; RESET; Sound Healing; Touch for Health; and Yoga Nidra. Nicolle served an LDS mission in Puerto Rico and loves to speak Spanish. She and her husband live in Cottonwood Heights where they raised three boys. Currently, Nicolle works as a facilitator for the non-profit, Image Reborn. A foundation providing restorative retreats for women with breast cancer. Nicolle's father passed away tragically when she was 24. She is continually learning how courageously stepping into her own grief can be a beautiful way to heal.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Friday 2:30 and 3:30
Finding His Healing Balm Within: Sound Bath and grief circle meditation

A workshop designed to introduce participants to healing available through sound vibration and mindfulness. We begin with a guided meditation and sound bath followed by Q&A and open discussion. The balm of gilead is an ancient reference to a balm used to soothe and heal. This soothing is available to all through the Atonement of our Savior. Meditation and Sound can help open us up into a oneness with His power. We can find out for ourselves that the miracle of His grace is sufficient.
She just thought she was “doing as good as I could.”  During her work with EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), IFS (Internal family systems) and recently ART (accelerated resolution therapy), she learned first-hand that our body has a memory network still, of our injuries/hurts, and it was impacting others; from her son, relationship with God, and self in hurtful ways. Terri realizes being able to heal the brain is a blessing from above to help us in our journey in life. These therapies brought her through to her own personal journey of healing as they can others, which can be life changing. Through this healing she then took on the mantle to become a highly trained and impactful trauma therapist.  
Terri specializes in trauma, she naturally understands it, and it speaks to her when interacting with clients. She has been given a gift from God, and it is with training and Him that she is able to help many heal and move forward in their lives. She is trained to work with young children and adults, working to help them heal from their injuries and even those who have had multiple events in life. She is allowed to see the forever changes brought to others as they heal in ways that can’t be done without therapy. 

Brock Richardson

Bio: Brock Lance Richardson grew up as the oldest of seven children in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Montevideo, Uruguay. While serving his mission, his father passed away with complications related to Crohns's disease. The desire to honor his father's memory has continually driven Brock to search for the spiritual warrior within himself. Returning from the mission, he played football at Snow College and later at BYU. 

He met his sweetheart, Stephanie, at Snow College and they married in 2009. Brock adores his wife and their children with all his heart. He is currently a Seminary teacher and is part of a non-profit organization called "Marked Generation." He loves the youth and believes in the tremendous potential that they have. 

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 11:00 and 12:00
Things From the Kids’ Perspective
Description: Brock has experienced the loss of his father, after years of illness, dealing with his own grief, that of his mother and siblings. He has also experienced the remarriage of his mother adding new people to their family. He is a Seminary teacher, a husband and father. He will share his perspectives from all sides, with the desire to help you see things from the kids’ perspective, to help you come away feeling hope in the future of your child and your relationship with them, and most importantly, hope in the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


Ruth Horsley

Bio:Ruth Horsley grew up in the small Utah town of West Point. When Ruth was 14 her youngest sister, Sarah passed away at the age of 9 due to lifelong disabilities that resulted from her birth. From this early experience, Ruth learned the importance of trusting in the Savior and His Atonement and also what it is like to experience heartache and grief as a teenager. On July 15, 2000, Ruth married Lonnie Gabbard in the Ogden, Utah Temple. They were married for 15 years. During this time, they struggled with infertility, resulting in their oldest children being twins, a boy, and a girl. They also had a little girl Phoebe born 8 weeks premature who died at birth. This was a very sad and trying time for Ruth and Lonnie. Ruth and Lonnie went on to have 3 more children Liam, Isabel, and Sophia. In 2010 Lonnie was called to serve as the bishop of their ward. At the time, their oldest children (the twins) were only 6 years old. On November 10, 2015, Lonnie died from an Aortic Aneurysm at the age of 40. He was still serving as a bishop and this was a huge shock to everyone but most of all to Ruth and their 5 children who at the time were ages 10-1. Ruth, who was 35 when Lonnie died, was sure that she would be okay never getting married again. She knew she would be able to take care of her children just fine on her own. She had gone to beauty school while she was in high school and Lonnie had put a salon in their house. She was able to work doing hair and knew she could support herself and her children until she was a very old lady. 

Ruth met John Horsley at a Widows and Widowers Conference in May 2016. They became friends for a few months and started dating in September of that same year. They were married on March 18, 2017, for time in the Draper Temple. Ruth says that was one of the happiest days of her life. She knew heaven was smiling down on her. This is also when all the fun and blending began!

John and Ruth currently live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They have 7 children between them. Their ages are 21-8. They have been married for 5 years and they are still figuring everything out. Ruth is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at BYU-I in Marriage and Family Studies. She loves working with the youth and was recently released as the Young Women’s president in her ward. Ruth loves spending time outdoors and watching her kids play sports. She loves learning and sharing her experiences with others. Most importantly she loves her Savior Jesus Christ and all that He has made possible for her and her family.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 11:00 and 12:00
Blending... A Work in Progress 
How culture shock and blending families are similar, and if blending is so hard, why do it? 


Rachael Bangerter

Bio: Rachael grew up with a large family of 7 siblings in Davis County, Utah where she lives today. She met the love of her life, Jared Bangerter, in kindergarten, but they didn't date until almost 20 years later. After college at Utah State University, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, Rachael reconnected with Jared and they were married in the San Diego Temple in 2010. Their daughter Liberty was born in 2013. Jared passed away 6 months later due to complications from a heart defect and lung condition he had since birth. Rachael believes in carrying her husband's love with her each day as she navigates life with her daughter. 

She now works for CRSA, a top architect firm in Salt Lake City, as a commercial interior designer. She currently serves in her ward's primary presidency and loves being in primary with her daughter. 
Her favorite things are spending time with Liberty and taking Disneyland trips together. She loves reading if there is ever any free time, breakfast foods, hot summer days, art museums, and Sunday afternoon naps. 

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 11:00, 12:00 and 2:30, 3:30

Saturday 11:00 & 12:00
A Young Widow's Story: Receiving Beauty for Ashes
Holding sorrow AND joy while integrating your loss into who you are becoming as we carry our loved one with us.
(for new/young widows, general, anyone)
Saturday 2:30 & 3:30

Finding an Anchor in your True Identity as a Child of God 
Rachael will share her experience with identity changes that come with widowhood and how remembering our unchanging identity as children of God can anchor us in our sojourn through grief. 

Jeremy Johnston

Bio: Over the span of more than two decades, I’ve established myself as a trusted financial advisor and investment specialist. I’ve worked for big NYC firms including Guardian and Park Avenue Securities and also served as Branch Manager for Integrated Wealth Management. Co-founding JohnstonRogers has allowed me to create an entire team of financial experts whose primary focus is to work in the best interest of our clients.

Brigham Young University, B.A. in Business Management
Professional licensures
Certified Financial Fiduciary
Principal/Supervisory Exam: Series 24
General Securities Exams: Series 6, Series 7, and SIE
State Securities Law Exams: Series 63 and series 65
Life and Health Insurance License

At JohnstonRogers, I guide people who find themselves in the midst of major life changes. Whether it’s someone starting out on their own once again due to divorce or death or a couple trying to coordinate today’s resources into a predictable retirement income for the not-so-distant future, I am there to help navigate the unknown and uncover potential opportunities.

The best money advice I’ve ever taken to heart came from my grandpa’s example. As a manager for “Ma Bell,” he faithfully invested in company stock with every paycheck. It didn’t matter that my grandpa only earned a modest $12,000 annual salary (even with his MBA), he amassed wealth the old-fashioned way—through his disciplined savings and dividend reinvestment approach. The most inspiring part of my job is seeing the confidence and newfound courage that clients begin to exercise as they gain clarity about what’s most important. Especially as they face pivotal, life changing decisions.

If you asked my friends or coworkers what my superpower is, some might say it could be my preternatural ability to identify the pain points or obstacles in someone’s life. And some might say it is the stubbornness (I say “determination”) I display when I’m trying to find the investment or retirement solution that feels “just right” for my client’s needs.

If I wasn’t in financial services, I might actually have become an optician. Of course, it would be the type of renaissance optician who also produces music in his spare time. Outside of work, my passions include trail running and cycling—both mountain and road bikes. Believe it or not, I once played the piano professionally and even wrote a radio jingle for Ray-Ban back in the late 80s. These days, I’ve been collaborating with my nephew on five original LDS hymns, writing a Big Band chart, and practicing for an international competition—the 2021 Masters of Musical Whistling. Whenever we get the chance, my family and I enjoy traveling to our favorite locales; Southern California and Sun Valley.   

JohnstonRogers is a branch office of DFPG Investments, LLC. Investment Advisory Services offered through TownSquare Capital, LLC., an SEC registered investment advisor. Securities offered through DFPG Investments, LLC., Member FINRA (www.finra.org) / SIPC (www.sipc.org). DFPG Investments, LLC. and TownSquare Capital, LLC. are not affiliated

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday, 11:00 and 12:00
Finances: Where are you? What’s the next step? Empowering yourself by taking inventory and finding gratitude
After the loss of a spouse, one of the first concerns is often finances. There is no way to provide specific advice, as all situations are different, but we will discuss some foundational principles, offering tools to empower and assist you on your path forward. 

Kay Tanner

Clinical Pastoral Education
St Mark’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Ut, 1998
Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training
Center for Loss & Life Transitions, Ft Collins, CO
Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, 2001
1998 – 2004, Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator for various hospices
2004 – Present, Director of Bereavement Services, Rocky Mountain Hospice
2001 – Present, Co-founder and current care provider for Angel Watch, a community service program provided by Intermountain Health Care. Angel Watch offers support and bereavement services to parents who have received a potentially life limiting diagnosis for their unborn baby.

Presentation Time, Title, and Description: 
Saturday 11:00 
Presentation will discuss positive, healthy ways to deal with grief and loss.
Participants will learn the following:
1.  How to dispel misinformation about grief
2.  New concepts in coping with difficult emotions
3.  Innovative tools to assist in moving forward

Margie Cartwright

Margie Cartwright is the Executive Assistant to the Director of VIP Hosting for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is a contributing author to the book, Encouraging Widows. She has served as Stake and Ward Relief Society President, as a Church Service Missionary, and for eight ‘heavenly years’ in the Salt Lake Temple before it closed for renovation. She currently teaches Gospel Doctrine.

Margie, and her late husband, Scott, were happily married for 33 years before cancer took him away. They raised six talented and amazing children, traveled the world, and wished for more time together with their adorable and perfect grandchildren. Margie enjoys a round of golf, fast rollercoasters, and is in constant pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Presentation Time, Title, and Description:
Saturday, 11:00 and 12:00
Find hope and happiness again by simply doing these three things
A new way to look at grieving that will change your future happiness. Trust that there are good things to come. Blessings are waiting. God has great things in store for you!

Georgia Allred 

Bio: As a Child Advocate and Certified Mental Wellness Coach who specializes in overcoming grief, Georgia helps others transform their lives. She is passionate about integrating physical, mental and emotional tools to facilitate overall wellness.  When she lost her husband to cancer at the age of 32, and became a single mom, things became unmanageable. The resulting challenges included moving, remarriage and eventually, divorce. After a decade of soul-searching and self-improvement, she found healing.  Now she is on a journey to help others find the same: joy in the journey and fulfillment in the life they’re living. 

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 2:30 and 3:30
Passing Through Sorrow: Finding Meaning in Our Adversity
Life can be extremely difficult: death, illness, divorce & financial struggles are just a few of the things we face. What is the purpose in it all?  Come discover how, even with our sorrow, “God meant it unto good.”


Debby Smith-Moulton

Bio: Deborah Smith has a BA in Music Theater and Voice from BYU. She began performing in high school and has had multiple roles in musicals and opera productions. Currently, she is the Voice Vice-President for the Suzuki Association of Utah developing repertoire for the young singer beginning age 3. She writes curriculum and teaches for Sistema Utah, an afterschool program for at-risk youth--K-6. She has been a private vocal coach for over 25 years and has presented lectures, workshops and trained singing teachers throughout the United States. Debby directs the Heralders Children’s Choir—a choir of 100 home schooled children from Utah Valley and Salt Lake and Davis Counties. She recently retired as a member of the Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City and after 15 years of widowhood, she unexpectedly fell in love and married Lyman Moulton in July. They met 7 years ago while singing in the Choir. She is passionate about the power of music but her family is her joy! Together, she and Lyman have 9 children and 10 grand-littles. What brings her the brightest hope is seeking Jesus and all things holy because with God nothing is impossible.

Presentation Time, Title, and Description:
Saturday 2:30 and 3:30
“There’s Music on Your Brain”
Why does some music bring you to tears and other music make you want to get up and dance? Understand how and why music intentionally affects your body, mind and emotion for positive changes on your healing journey. 

Shawn Farnworth

Bio: Shawn Farnworth was born and raised in West Valley City, and he served his mission in Norway. Following his mission, he attended Utah Valley University, and later graduated from the University of Utah. (Although he has been bleeding blue since he was a teenager).
Shawn has worked in Information Technology since 1995 and is now a Manager of Information Security. Shawn married Melissa, his best friend and love of his life, in 1995. 
He loves to sing, golf, play pickleball, hike, and he used to play basketball religiously until his multiple back injuries refused him to do it anymore.  
Shawn has four children and can be found selling movie tickets on the weekend for gasoline money.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 2:30 and 3:30
The Healing Power of Recreation: Finding Joy in Life


Jennifer Dial

Bio:Jennifer's husband died unexpectedly in an accident. Jennifer thought she was doing grief and healing the ‘right’ way. She gave it some time then remarried. When that marriage ended in divorce, she saw things from a different perspective, and learned from that experience. Her desire is to share foundational principles in healing and moving forward. Jennifer is now happily married to Richard Timpson, whom she met through the WW group. They enjoy splitting their time between Texas and Utah, lots of laughter, and their children and grandchildren.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 2:30 and 3:30
Time is on Your Side
Lessons learned through experiences with the loss of a spouse, dating, remarriage, and divorce.


Don Montierth

Bio: Don Montierth was born in Utah and raised in a small town in upstate New York.  He served a mission in southern Chile and afterward pursued degrees in chemical engineering and an MBA, both at BYU.  He currently resides in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where he practices as a chemical engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  When not working he enjoys spending time with family (grandkids are great!) and pursuing many outdoor activities, particularly hiking and backpacking, which allow him to “go to the mountain,” a place of spiritual reflection.

He has held many church callings over the years, predominantly with the youth programs, including Young Men on both ward and stake levels, various Scouting assignments (including Cubmaster and Scoutmaster), and early morning seminary teacher.  More recently he served as counselor to the bishop and as bishop, and he currently serves on the stake High Council.

He met his sweetheart on a blind date when they were both 17 years old, and they were together from that day.  They were married soon after his return from his mission, and together they raised five children.  Life could not have been any better.  She was diagnosed with a rare cancer, uterine leiomyosarcoma, in October 2009, shortly after their third child started his mission.  She passed away in February 2011.  At the time of her death their children ranged from 15 to 25 years old, three still living at home (one special needs) and one serving a mission.

Don stumbled upon an acquaintance of his youth six months after his wife died, and upon discovering that she had been widowed he reached out to her.  Their friendship was renewed, and she helped him process the grief and figure life out again.  After 14 months of regular communication and confidences, they decided to see if there could be more than friendship.  They married in 2013, and since then have shared the adventures and challenges of life.  Their family now numbers 9 children and 15 grandchildren who bless their lives.

Presentation Time, Title and Description:
Saturday 2:30 and 3:30
Times of Doubt & Sorrow- Working Through a Crisis of Faith

The trauma of losing a spouse can lead to guilt and doubts due to many reasons - Thoughts of what should have/could have been done; unfulfilled dreams, promises, and blessings; malicious or insensitive actions of others; discovery of unwelcome information about the late spouse; and many other reasons may cause one to ask, “Where is God?”  The focus of this discussion will be on how to hold on and how to move forward with hope despite the doubts.


Rosie Ferguson Ouimette

Bio :Rosie Ferguson Ouimette was widowed in 2018 after caring for her disabled husband, David, for 16 years. During those 16 years, and in the four years since, she had to take on many of the tasks that her husband would normally have done. She learned how to do-it-yourself as well as how to ask others for help. Rosie and David have five children who were ages 16-23 when he died.
Rosie married Don Ouimette (a widower) last summer. Together, they have nine children and six grandchildren. They live in Herriman, UT in a house that they are remodeling, which gives Rosie a chance to use many of the DIY skills she has learned.

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Fri. 3:30 and Saturday 11:00
You Don’t Have to DIY: Gaining the Confidence to Do It Yourself and the Courage to Ask for Help




Terri Moser

Bio:Terri is a marriage and family therapist with her own practice, Heart of Peace Counseling, in Orem, UT.  After losing her husband to a congenital heart defect which caused him to have a heart attack just over 15 years ago, she went back to school to get a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Through this journey of being a single widowed mother, she has learned the effect that trauma had on the body, mind, soul, heart, and brain.   As her journey through this life, trauma has haunted her since she was a very small child all the way to her breaking point when she was in a car accident wherein a child passed; this was her turning point. “Talk therapy” wasn’t working to heal from her recent trauma events.  Through the process of healing from this key traumatic event, she learned she never healed from her past or from the loss of her husband. Just like the book, “The Body Keeps the Score”, her body was keeping score and it wasn’t coming out good.  
She just thought she was “doing as good as I could.”  During her work with EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), IFS (Internal family systems) and recently ART (accelerated resolution therapy), she learned first-hand that our body has a memory network still, of our injuries/hurts, and it was impacting others; from her son, relationship with God, and self in hurtful ways. Terri realizes being able to heal the brain is a blessing from above to help us in our journey in life. These therapies brought her through to her own personal journey of healing as they can others, which can be life changing. Through this healing she then took on the mantle to become a highly trained and impactful trauma therapist.  
Terri specializes in trauma, she naturally understands it, and it speaks to her when interacting with clients. She has been given a gift from God, and it is with training and Him that she is able to help many heal and move forward in their lives. She is trained to work with young children and adults, working to help them heal from their injuries and even those who have had multiple events in life. She is allowed to see the forever changes brought to others as they heal in ways that can’t be done without therapy. 

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Friday 2:30 and 3:30
Trauma affects our family, what can we do to help them?
Learn helpful tips, therapy types, coping skills resources, and empowering things parents can do to help their children. Also, learn what the family can do to help each other through their small and large trauma events. 

Loni  Harmon

Bio: Loni K. Harmon, LCSW
Loni  is a licensed clinical social worker in Utah with over 15 years of experience helping singles create secure and lasting love. She focuses on helping you be your authentic self and shows you how to change the way you date so you can get the results you deserve. She has a podcast called The Dating Counselor and she teaches dating and relationship courses that will blow your mind and help you reach your full potential in a relationship. Loni loves the Red Socks, hates cheese, loves Mexican food and digs classic rock. She served an LDS mission in Oklahoma and is passionate about her mission now...to help clients create healthy relationships. She's like Hitch with a sprinkle of LDS! Loni has been married for 10 years and has 4 awesome kids.  

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Friday 2:30 and 3:30
Dating Strategies and Online Dating
Building a secure relationship in today's dating world comes with more complications than rewards. Learn the building stages and how to go from swiping to IRL dating. Dating isn't a game, it's a strategy.

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